Ducted Systems Service & Maintenance

How can I tell if I have a Ducted System?

You’ll have an outdoor unit (condenser), a number of supply and return air grills in your ceiling and a supply air fan mounted in the ceiling/roof space.

Daikin ducted air conditioning

​Main Service Needs for Ducted Air Conditioning

  • ​Dirty Filters leading to the lack of air flow and system performance
  • Dirty drainage lines/tray leading to water leaks/damage.
  • Clean return air filters
  • Clean and confirm condensate drainage (inside and out)
  • Check electrical operational amperages and safety
  • Inspect Refrigerant lines
  • Confirm fan rotation, air distribution and control/functionality
  • Check equipment mountings
  • Measure and record running pressures
  • Check/adjust belt tension and or bearings
  • Measure temperature difference across coil
  • Measure and record supply and return air difference
  • Inspect ducting and dampers (adjust if necessary)

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