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How can I tell if I have a Ducted System?

You’ll have an outdoor unit (condenser), a number of supply and return air grills in your ceiling and a supply air fan mounted in the ceiling/roof space.

Daikin ducted air conditioning

Main reasons for repair of your ducted air conditioning system:

  • Build up of dirt on the filters leading to the lack of air flow and breakdown of system
  • Build up of dirt or other blockage within the drainage lines/tray leading to water leaks/damage
  • Failure of damper/zone motors
  • Seized compressor
  • Supply air fan faulty
  • Electronics failure
  • Zone control faulty

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is the Ducted System worth Repairing?

​If the Ducted system has been in operation less than 10 years and is in reasonable condition, then it may be worthwhile repairing it, however, it will also depend on the Manufacturing brand and the availability of the required spare parts. If the system is utilising R22 Refrigerant, then the cost of replacement refrigerant may also be a negative factor.

​Can an Older Split System be Replaced with a New Model?

​In most cases the Refrigerant lines will not be suitable for a new model. The existing electrical supply wiring may be suitable however it would then need to be checked and confirmed.

​Will I need to Replace the Ducting in the Roof and the Grilles in the Ceiling?

​This depends on the ‘overall condition’ of the existing ducting and grilles – if the ducting and or grilles are more than 10 years old there is every likelihood that the ducting is perished and or contaminated. The size of the ducting would also need to be suitable for the new system / layout. Similarly, the condition and size of the grilles would need to be confirmed.

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