Split System Air Conditioning

Cool or heat one room or a small area of your home. 

The Split System Air Conditioner is the most common residential air conditioner for single rooms or small areas of your home. A Reverse Cycle model is a highly efficient and cost effective way of cooling or heating a living room/area or bedroom of your home and can be easily installed to give you a quick solution to cooling off in Summer or warming up in Winter!

The Split System is an air conditioning unit made up of two parts or units, hence the term ‘split’ — it includes an outside unit which is the compressor and an inside unit which is the air supply. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘wall mounted unit’. The two units are connected by pipes which carry refrigerant. All Air conditioning units come with an easy-to-operate remote control for programming settings as well as a host of innovative features.

Air Condition 1 to 2 Rooms with a Split System Air Conditioner from Daikin:

Thompson Cooling is proud to offer Daikin Split System Air Conditioners. 

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Talk to us about all your air conditioning needs – you may find you need a different system to what you originally thought. 

By understanding your situation we can help you through the air conditioning system options available to you today.

​Air Condition More Than One Room:

Depending on the number of rooms you need to cool or warm we can offer you great alternatives. Multi-Split Air Conditioning systems have multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. However a Ducted Air Conditioning System may be a more economical and flexible for your home. The Ducted System allows you to air condition all your home whilst also allowing you to ‘zone’ individual rooms and or areas and control the temperatures etc you desire.

​Thompson Cooling Air Conditioning, offers only the highest quality products and brands at competitive pricing, Warranty cover to protect your investment and full after sales services and repairs.

Split System Air Conditioning from Thompson Cooling – FAQ’s

​Heating Efficiency: What is the Heating Efficiency of the Split System?

​The more recent models from Daikin include Inverter type units that incorporate advanced technology, resulting in optimum performance and efficiencies (reduced running costs).

​What Size System do I need?

​As a guide, 2.5KW (KiloWatt) and 3.5KW models are ideal for small to medium sized rooms or areas of a home whilst the 5.0KW to 9.5KW models are more suited to medium and larger living areas.

​Finance Options: Can I purchase my Split System using Interest Free Finance?

​YES -Call us today to find out how you can be enjoying your new air conditioning split system unit today: (07) 5549 0999

Split System Air Conditioning – Wall Mounted Units Features

3D Airflow

Circulates cool and warm air through vertical and horizontal air flow louvre vents.

Quiet Operation

Sound levels have been reduced to ensure quiet performance.

Night Set Mode

Set the room temperate and allow the unit to monitor and activate cooling or heating as required. 

Intelligent Infrared

The infrared sensor enables the system to monitor movement and switch the unit to energy saving operations if the room is empty for more than 20 minutes.

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As business owners Tracee and I understand the challenges of the day to day running of a business. We must compliment you and your crew in the way you conduct your business, from the moment we made contact, to the installation on the unit, all was seamless.
You showed up when you said you would for the quotation, you were prompt in getting a quote to us, Matt was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The guys you sent to install were thoroughly professional and are more than worthy of the title of tradesmen.
I know two of the men are apprentices, as a tradesman myself I fully appreciate and understand what to look for in apprentices and I saw the makings of good tradesmen in those guys.
The unit is quieter than Matt said it would be, which was my only concern on the placement of the unit.
Well done to all involved and to you as business owners,

Many thanks , Paul and Tracee

Ps Your competition sucks, we have had the "its too hot to get in the ceiling at this time of the year" to non-return of phone calls, and we are too busy doing tenders spiel.

Paul and Tracee 20/03/2017