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Thompson Cooling Air Conditioning welcomes new customers into our Customer Care System. After completing the installation of your Air Conditioning System, you will be invited to join the Thompson Cooling Customer Care System to help you maintain the quality of your air conditioning equipment and take the worry out of the maintenance and safety of your investment.

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A team member from our Customer Care department will contact you when your system is due for its preventative maintenance service. Air conditioning systems are a long term investment, so preventative maintenance will assist in saving a lot of money with unwanted replacement costs. Any mechanical device must be regularly serviced and maintained to optimise performance, efficiency and ensure longevity – just like your motor vehicle.

The advantages associated with the regular servicing of your air conditioning equipment include:

  • Supported prolonged life expectancy of the machine.
  • The maintaining of running costs to a minimum.
  • Ensuring that your manufacturers WARRANTY remains valid.
  • Reducing the risk of system failure together with the high cost of breakdown repairs.
  • Minimising the inconvenience and annoyance of system downtime. 
  • Assisting in the provision of a cleaner (healthier) environment. 

Even if you have an existing air conditioning system/s and service is not available from your supplier, give us a call at Thompson Cooling and we will be able to update your service and protect your investment.

Available for callouts 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

So, should your air conditioning system require the expertise of one of our air conditioning technicians, we can be contacted on our:

After Hours & Customer Care Number: (07) 5549 0999

When choosing an air conditioning company, you’ll expect expert advice, after-sales service and technical support, so it’s important to consider a few things:

  • Does the company have its own service department?
  • Are the service department staff company employees or are they sub-contractors?
  • How many service technicians work for the company?
  • Can the company provide after-hours support?
  • Does the company have maintenance agreements and if so, ask for a sample.

Thompson Cooling proudly conducts its air conditioning repairs, service and maintenance division in conjunction with comprehensively trained and qualified technicians. We service and repair Residential Air Conditioning and Commercial Air Conditioning for offices, showrooms, work zones & factories. We also recommend that MIZU air conditioning cleaning be utilised during the regular servicing of your home air conditioning units.

Warranty & Air Conditioning Servicing:

Most manufacturers of residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning systems offer a one to five year warranty on parts and labour. However, many customers do not know that these manufacturer warranties may be voided or may not cover certain items, if it can be shown that the system was not properly serviced and maintained.

It is also vitally important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any warranty, as it is usually necessary to have regular servicing on your air conditioning system during its lifetime if you are to maintain the integrity of the manufacturer’s warranty. Commercial Air Conditioning or HVAC equipment will require preventative maintenance to ensure any insurance coverage.

We are available for service and repair call out 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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