Air Conditioning Repair

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My Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On…

Need an Air Conditioning Repair?

Thompson Cooling offer Air Conditioning Repair call out when your system just won’t work. If you’ve tried to turn on your air conditioner and had no response at all you can count on Thompson Cooling to be there. There are some details we will require from you, such as:

  • the Brand
  • the type of system
  • the date it was purchased
  • the date it was last serviced
  • the Model Number &
  • the serial number

Thompson Cooling will repair any wall mounted split system or ducted air conditioning.

An image of simple checks before calling for an air conditioning repair

∗ Air Conditioning Operating Problems will usually require a technician call-out however there are some simple checks you can make before calling Thompson Cooling:

  • Check the power is available and that all isolators (power supply switches) are ON
  • Check the Batteries in the Remote Control are good
  • Is the Remote Controller showing a ‘Fault Code’ or signal?