Air Conditioning Replacement

Is it time to replace?

There always comes a time when your old trusty air conditioner just doesn't perform as well as it once did.

Is your air conditioner...

  • excessively noisy?
  • requiring costly repairs?
  • unevenly cooling/heating?
  • constantly increasing your energy bill?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it could be time to chat to us about replacing your air conditioning system. 

Image of air conditioning replacement specifications

When it comes to the harsh Australian climate, it certainly is much more comfortable to be able to control the temperature in your home. 

To keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, it may be time to replace your air conditioning system.

The team at Thompson Cooling are here to help. Give us a call to discuss your options and ensure you get the right advice!

1 Source: Energy Rating - Space Heating and Cooling


The good news is... advances in Daikin's air conditioning technologies have greatly improved energy efficiency. 

Better Air  Quality

The only air conditioning brand to be recognised by the National Asthma Australia's Sensitive Choice Program. 

Inverter Technology

​An advanced fan motor technology enables the desired temperature to be reach faster, and steadily maintained. 

More Efficient Motors

Daikin's DC motors can can deliver significantly higher motor efficiency in both the new split and ducted systems. 

As the experts in air conditioning installation across Brisbane and Gold Coast talk to Thompson Cooling about all your air conditioning needs. Discuss costs and payment plans with our team on all our options and find out how replacing your existing system could save you money.

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