Long-term Bacteria & Mould Sanitising Solution

Up to 12 months protection from just one treatment

Thompson Cooling, has a new range of Nanotechnology Sanitising products which kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Germs, Moulds, Fungi and Viruses (Including Coronavirus) for up to 30 days on high-touch surfaces and up to 12 months for total environmental protection with our Fogging Solution.


Our state-of-the-art line of Nanotechnology disinfectants, sanitisers and odour neutralisers physically kills (not poisons) viruses, bacteria and mould. The active ingredients within our solutions binds to any surface, including fabric, creating a Nano film with thousands of spikes that penetrate the cell wall of the organism.

Fogging Solution

Part of the Nanotechnology Sanitisation solutions is a Fogging agent which, can be applied throughout the area to be treated and penetrates into all the nooks and crannies killing any bacteria, germs, moulds and importantly Coronaviruses.


This solution creates a barrier on all surfaces, which remains active to kill any introduced bacteria, germs and viruses.  This procedure will ensure all contactable surfaces will be left sterilised and free of germs and bacteria.  These surfaces can be easily tested regularly (using test strips) to confirm the barrier is still effective. (Fogging videos alongside)

Surface Spray

A surface spray cleaning solution is also available and should be used to clean all surfaces and equipment to maintain sterilisation and to boost the barriers activity on high touch surfaces.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitising should also be utilised for every person that enters the premises.  

Nanotechnology Hand sanitiser & protector stations are easy and convenient to use with one application lasting up to 24hrs or 10 hand washes.


Ensuring all staff and clients use this sanitiser before entering the facility will endeavour to maintain sterilisation with no transfer of germs and bacteria throughout.  


Alcohol based products crack & dry your skin. The Nanotechnology Sanitiser not only kills 99.99% of germs for up to 24 hours it also keeps your hands hydrated.  

Many choose hand sanitisers to fight germs but they only give you protection for up to a minute. Nanotechnology hand sanitiser is a superior solution. An anti-germ, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solution that controls 99.99% of germs offering enhanced coverage and long term protection.


Automatic Hand sanitiser stations provide a NO TOUCH solution to your sanitising needs. Routine service / refill replacement will be carried out by Thompson Cooling. 


Individual personal hand sanitisers are available in pocket sized 45ml spray units.

Your property will be supplied with a label / sticker advising staff and clients that the premises have been fully sanitised and protected Thompson Cooling Nanotechnology.