Air Conditioning Repairs & Breakdown Service

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Having a functioning air conditioner is a borderline necessity when trying to survive the harsh summer weather of Queensland as a business owner. When your aircon breaks down it can be disastrous!

Your workplace environment becomes uncomfortable and in some cases dangerous, affecting productivity, customer satisfaction, and sales. This can be particularly so in industries where maintaining a cool temperature is critical, such as hospitality or healthcare. For any business, a breakdown in the air conditioning or cool room can cause havoc and the consequences can be expensive.

If you’ve experienced a breakdown or fault, don’t delay, call Thompson Cooling now on our 24-hour number:

(07) 5549 0999.

Experiencing an Air Conditioner Breakdown?

We know you want to get your air conditioner running ASAP with as little hassle as possible, so our helpful team is focused on being efficient and effective in the event of a breakdown.
We offer 24/7 service for breakdowns so that you can get your air con serviced and get back on track at any time.
Our qualified technicians are all fully licensed and have a range of experience, allowing them to diagnose and fix the issue quickly.
We are able to undertake remedial repairs to your cold rooms, refrigeration or air conditioning systems and our electricians are always happy to undertake repairs on items such as switchboards, light switches, power points, smoke alarms, or safety switches.
If your air conditioning system is beyond repair or it is more cost-effective to upgrade rather than repair, we’ll help you find a product that suits your premises and purpose, and help you avoid future problems.

24/7 Service

Local Experts Available Now

Payment Plans Available

Rapid Response


Stop Issues Before They Stop Your Business

We offer regularly scheduled preventative maintenance at your premises, this way any minor issues that may have flown under the radar are patched and taken care of, stopping these issues from evolving into a major problem.

Our eye for detail in regard to air conditioning is unrivalled, we can find any potential problem and fix it efficiently and effectively.

Keeping your air conditioning system serviced and up to date will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.


Top Notch Service

Having a safe and comfortable work environment is imperative for every business, and we know just how important it is to have a service you can count on to make this happen.
Our technicians are punctual, friendly, and can work around your schedule, reducing the impact on your operations and making for a pleasant experience all around.


Need Urgent Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs?

Call our 24/7 Emergency Line on (07) 5549 0999. now and get it sorted!

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