Licencing and Qualifications

Electrical Contractor Licence 

In Queensland, a business which provides electrical work or services for others must have an Electrical Contractor License. A Business with a gold electrical contractor licence is licensed to perform all types of electrical work for the public for example:

  • Installing a ceiling fan or power points
  • Installing or altering a switchboard or safety switches
  • Installing and repairing reverse cycle and split air conditioning equipment
  • Repairing a washing machine
  • Maintaining a processing plant
  • Installing or altering wiring or fixed appliances in a building
Thompson Cooling Licence

It is important for you to know that not all electrical workers can perform all types of electrical work. The holder of a silver electrical workers licence is restricted to the testing, maintenance and repair of the type and voltage of electrical equipment printed on the reverse of the licence. This licence does not allow the person to install electrical equipment printed on the reverse of the licence. 

Australian Refrigeration Council Licence

Licensed technicians and authorised businesses must operate to mandated standards to ensure that the emissions of fluorocarbon refrigerants in air conditioners are minimised. Individuals licensed under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 are qualified to legally install air conditioners, including installation and connection of the pipes that carry refrigerant through the air conditioner. If your air conditioner is incorrectly installed refrigerant may leak during or after installation. A leaking system is not only damaging to the environment, it will also result in greater power consumption as the air conditioner tries to deliver the level of cooling and heating with less than normal refrigerant. Thompson Cooling carries all required Air Conditioning Licencing.

Trade Contractor Licence

If you don’t have your air conditioning equipment installed by an appropriately licensed business you could end up with the same protection you would have if you let an unlicensed person drive your car – NONE.

Under Queensland law all companies, businesses and individuals who install air conditioning equipment must be licensed by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC). They must hold a Trade Contractors Licence for the class Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services including Unlimited Design. To obtain a licence they must satisfy financial, managerial and trade qualification criteria. A licence allows them to deal with the public. If they do not hold the required licence it is illegal for them to deal with the public.

Thompson Cooling Pty Ltd, the ‘Technical Division’ of Thompson Air Conditioning, holds the required Trade Contractor Licence – additionally the Director of the company holds a Supervisor Licence.

The licence requirement applies to all installations regardless of the value of the work being performed. 

If a consumer deals with an appropriately licensed company, they have a ‘problem resolution process’ available to them. The Queensland government can also take disciplinary action against companies which do not attend to problems that they have been directed to address. This is not available if the company is not appropriately licensed. Insurance companies may also walk-away from a problem if the company is not appropriately licensed. This applies to your insurance company as well as the company’s insurance company

Trade Contractor Licence
BSA Licence

Companies which do not hold the required licence may try to convince you that they don’t need a licence because they use QBCC licensed employees or sub-contractors. The use of QBCC licensed employees or sub-contractors is a requirement of the government, however the overriding requirement is that the company you are dealing with must be licensed in its own right — otherwise the installation is deemed to be illegal.

Want to know more?

More information can be obtained from the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC)

This site also contains an online search facility. You can check to see if suppliers are appropriately licensed. The number of companies that are not appropriately licensed is quite alarming. They are exposing you to risks that you may not be aware of. This is showing no respect for your rights as a consumer. There is no need to take an unnecessary risk. Only deal with appropriately licensed companies!

Please contact us should you require further information in relation to our licensing & qualifications and see all our details on Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning. For further information go to: to see QLD Licensing Requirements. 

Quality Assurance, Health and Safety Certification

Thompson Cooling maintains certified Quality and Safety Management systems.

Workplace Health and Safety Cerification

Associations and Memberships

Thompson Cooling is proud to be respresented within a number of organisations in Queensland. We are current members of: 


Workplace Health and Safety
Beenleigh Chamber of Commerce Logo

Established in 1969, the Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based association of some 220 businesses that operate within northern Gold Coast and Logan regions, in an area roughly bounded Beenleigh, Jacobs Well, Waterford and Pimpama.

As an advocate for issues that will generally assist business and/or impact upon the region, the Chamber represents a strong voice of commerce and works with a range of organisations, and at all levels of government to achieve for the region. 

To facilitate this large and vibrant business network, a range of events are held throughout the year, including monthly business breakfasts, and annual business and social functions that inform, and provide a showcase for business. Check the Chamber’s own calendar for the next events. 


With almost 150 years of experience in taking care of Business, CCIQ is now the official delivery partner for the Queensland Government’s ecoBiz program, which allows businesses to embrace new ways of working and access to tools, resources and services to enable them to be more sustainable, productive and ultimately profitable. 

CCIQ logo

In conjunction with preferred industry partners such as Australian Business Training Solutions and Australian Business Solutions Group, CCIQ provide members with unparalleled access to additional specialised resources (i.e.) Training – International Trade – eCertify – Regional Certifying Body – Export Documentation – Law – YouthInvest. 

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