MIZU Foam Air Conditioning Cleaner

Comprehensive Air Conditioning (Coil) Cleaning. 

Thompson Cooling also offer Servicing of Air Conditioning units and systems. We recommend and use MIZU Foam Air-Conditioner Cleaner. MIZU foam cleans any substance that causes blockage in the air conditioner quickly, safely and efficiently.

MIZU Foam: Air-conditioner Cleaner

  • Kills germs, mould spores and bacteria
  • Thoroughly cleans the coil of an air conditioner
  • Safe for air conditioner’s coils as well as people
  • Saves energy – and money
  • Eliminates odours
  • Environmentally friendly
An image of Mizu Foam Air Conditioning Cleaner

MIZU Foam thoroughly cleans the coil of the air conditioner. It removes mould spores, bacteria and odours that have accumulated in the coils.

It prevents blockage by dirt and other substances which cause higher electricity consumption. Therefore using MIZU Foam will efficiently clean the air conditioner, giving healthy fresh air and saving energy.

MIZU foam saves energy and running costs. It eliminates odour, removes oil stains, cigarette stains, mould spores, bacteria, dirt and grime. It improves air circulation and helps the air conditioning system to provide a healthier personal environment.

It does not adversely affect any components such as copper, aluminium, plastic and rubber within the air conditioner.

MIZU Foam is safe on the environment and can be used in the home, office, schools, hospitals – virtually anywhere that has an air conditioning unit installed.

Thompson Cooling utilises MIZU Foam treatment when servicing residential wall mounted split air conditioning systems.

Thompson Cooling now brings you an affordable and super beneficial treatment for your air conditioner.

The functionality of an air conditioner results in the collection of germs, bacteria, dust and grime across and throughout the internal surface of the fancoil unit.

Thompson Cooling has researched and adopted the MIZU Foam cleansing technology to thoroughly clean and deodorise the fancoil internal surfaces by dissolving oil and cigarette deposits, mould spores, bacteria, germs, dirt and grime. The process also improves air circulation and reduces running costs (electricity).

The most beneficial and effective method of utilising the MIZU Foam treatment is to incorporate the treatment during your normal air conditioning service.

Thompson Cooling recommends that you request the MIZU Foam treatment when booking your next air conditioner service .

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