Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

Routine Preventative Maintenance of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment

As the leading provider of air conditioning in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Thompson Cooling understands and promotes the benefits associated with correct and regular maintenance of your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Quite apart from customer and staff expectation of a comfortable and healthy environment, there are the financially tangible benefits associated with the risk reduction of expensive and untimely equipment failure to be considered.

​As specialists with many years of experience in the field of Preventative Maintenance, the format of our maintenance schedules has been developed to ensure our clients receive the best and most consistent quality of service by our company.

​The general interpretation of Preventative Maintenance for Commercial HVAC equipment and systems is as follows:

  • ​Each detailed service check is to detect and record faults and carry out preventative maintenance of the equipment. 
  • At the completion of each visitation a detailed Service Report (Digital) is compiled and made available to the Client. 
  • Records of all visits and works undertaken are maintained within our electronic systems (in conjunction with ‘on-site’ logs)
  • Details of all equipment and systems are listed and preserved in our Client Master database. 

In consultation with the Client, we design and implement a maintenance program whereby all nominated equipment is inspected, checked and maintained on a regular basis. Each periodic visitation is supplemented with a ‘progressive’ series of Annual maintenance items. This ‘progressive’ Annual approach ensures that the nominated equipment and system is inspected and attended a number of times during the year. The ‘progressive’ approach also delivers a more favourable financial consideration by way of meeting the total annual cost via a number of equalised charges throughout the year.

The maintenance of air quality and system hygiene is given priority in our procedures. If required, special germicidal spray is used to treat filters and other areas of dirt and contaminant accumulation in the main airflow system – this assists in minimising the possible transmission of virus infections into occupied space.

The Thompson Cooling service team is in a strong position to provide a professional and proactive maintenance approach to the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and equipment across the facilities at your site and undertakes to deliver ‘industry best practice’ in relation to Routine Preventative Maintenance and Breakdown requirements. Added to this, our technicians and supporting technical trades will investigate, evaluate and report on any issue where current maintenance considerations and procedures could be modified to reflect a cost saving while ensuring that equipment lifecycle expectations are not adversely affected.

Thompson Cooling currently delivers HVAC Routine Preventative Maintenance and breakdowns services to a myriad of business entities and institutions – notably Sonic Medical Centres, Ubet facilities, Lutheran Community Care, King & Co. group of commercial properties, Canterbury College together with a myriad of other Educational facilities. In the main, the HVAC routine maintenance requirements of these and other customers are carried out during normal business hours, however, Thompson Cooling also provides its clients with a (24-7) reactive (emergency) breakdown service.

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As business owners Tracee and I understand the challenges of the day to day running of a business. We must compliment you and your crew in the way you conduct your business, from the moment we made contact, to the installation on the unit, all was seamless.
You showed up when you said you would for the quotation, you were prompt in getting a quote to us, Matt was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The guys you sent to install were thoroughly professional and are more than worthy of the title of tradesmen.
I know two of the men are apprentices, as a tradesman myself I fully appreciate and understand what to look for in apprentices and I saw the makings of good tradesmen in those guys.
The unit is quieter than Matt said it would be, which was my only concern on the placement of the unit.
Well done to all involved and to you as business owners,

Many thanks , Paul and Tracee

Ps Your competition sucks, we have had the "its too hot to get in the ceiling at this time of the year" to non-return of phone calls, and we are too busy doing tenders spiel.

Paul and Tracee 20/03/2017