Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Looking for air conditioning on the Gold Coast? We offer ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning installation to all of the Gold Coast. Our team design, install, and repair air conditioners in Gold Coast homes. At Thompson Cooling, we also offer our services to Gold Coast businesses. Providing commercial air conditioning installation along with maintenance services.

Air Conditioning Gold Coast – Ducted Air Conditioning Specialists

Our Thompson Cooling air conditioning Gold Coast team are experts in air conditioners. As a family owned and operated business, we’ve been providing our air conditioning services to the Gold Coast since 1992, as well as the greater South East Queensland area. We’ll service: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Toowoomba, and North Lakes. We’re accredited Daikin specialists, however, we supply and install most brands of air conditioners. Whether it’s air conditioning installation, air conditioning repairs, or servicing — our team are happy to help. We also offer businesses on the Gold Coast air conditioning breakdown service 24/7 — because we know you can’t run without your air con.

Ducted Air Conditioning Gold Coast

The Gold Coast gets really hot in Summer, but just as cold in Winter. For ultimate comfort at home, you need a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner. Thompson Cooling Gold Coast ducted air conditioning installation is the way to go when cooling and heating your home. Ducted air conditioning means that each room or each section of your home will have a vent or a duct, where the air conditioner will heat or cool your home through. This allows you to zone your home. So, ‘Bedroom 1’ can be set to one temperature, and ‘Bedroom 2’ to another. We design, supply, and install ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast. We’re experienced in ducted air conditioning repairs too. We’ll repair, replace, or retrofit your ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast.

Our team can also retrofit your air conditioner with SmartHome capabilities with Advantage Air’s MyPlace. It allows you to control your air con and lights from your phone.

Split System Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Split system air conditioning is a good alternative to ducted air conditioning if you don’t want to have ducting installed in your ceiling, or you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. Split system air conditioning is where an air outlet is mounted on your wall and a compressor is placed outside your home. In the Gold Coast heat especially, split system air conditioners are amazing for your bedroom. These split system air conditioners allows you to heat your home as well. We’ll design, supply, and install these split system air conditioning systems for you on the Gold Coast.
As experienced air conditioner technicians, we’re also experienced in repairs. We’ll repair, replace, or retrofit your split system air conditioner. Partnering with Advantage Air’s MyPlace, we can also retrofit split system air cons with SmartHome capabilities. So, you can control your air con or your lights from your phone.

Commercial Air Conditioning Gold Coast

When installing commercial air conditioning around the Gold Coast, we design with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. Whether it’s a fully ducted system, a single wall-mounted split, or a multi-split air conditioner — we can install, repair, and service it. Our technicians are accredited Daikin specialists but we supply and install most brands of air conditioners.

We’re passionate about supporting Gold Coast businesses. So, we have technicians who specialise in commercial air conditioning, because we know the requirements for commercial differ greatly to the requirements for residential installations. Our team can take care of the whole process for you, from design through to delivery. Or, we can jump in at any stage of the commercial air conditioning process. We get that in the Gold Coast heat, if your air conditioner stops, you stop too. We offer ongoing maintenance packages so you can effectively care for your air conditioner to avoid costly breaks. We also offer 24/7 breakdown service — we’ll come out and repair your air conditioner no matter the time or the day. Our team offer their installation and repair services for exhaust fans and cold rooms as well.

Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced electricians and technicians who are proud of their air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s a split system air conditioning installation or a ducted air conditioning installation, our team are happy to help out with effective, efficient designs, supply, and installation. We’re experts in commercial air conditioning installation too. We have qualified draft persons to effectively plan your ducted air con zones as well as the most effective positions for your ducts or system. Our team will help you choose the very best air conditioner for your home and needs. Then, when we install your new air conditioner, we’ll do it with the highest regard for workmanship. Plus, we’ll leave your home as tidy as we found it.

Gold Coast Air Conditioning Repairs — Commercial & Residential

We know Gold Coast businesses rely on their air conditioners, refrigeration, and ventilation systems. In the coast’s heat, you can’t afford to operate without effective temperature control. That’s why we offer 24/7 breakdown service. We’ll come out and repair your air conditioner, cool room, or ventilation system at any time, any day. Our technicians will run residential repairs too, such as:

Error codes on keypads

Faults in the motor

Faults in the compressor

Leaking refrigerant

Needs to be regassed

Corrosion of wire and terminals

Electrical circuit failure

Worn out fan controls

Drainage problems

Coil is frozen

Insect and or rodent invasion

If your home isn’t heating or cooling effectively, you probably need an air conditioning repair. However, you can potentially save yourself time and money by checking these things before you call out an air conditioning technician:

Power is available and on

The isolators (power switches) are turned on

The batteries in your remote control are working

Your remote control isn’t showing a fault code or signal

Air Conditioning Service Gold Coast

Particularly living on the Gold Coast, air conditioning is essential, especially in Summer. So, you don’t want to be without your air con for long. The best way to prevent costly breaks is by regularly getting an air conditioner service. Preventative maintenance keeps your air conditioner working perfectly all year round. We’ll add your home’s air conditioner to our Customer Care Database to ensure you’re reminded of your next air con service. Our team also offer scheduled air conditioning services to body corporate and property managers. Offering our commercial customers in the Gold Coast preventative maintenance as well, we also service cool rooms and exhaust fans. During your air con service, we’ll address any ‘minor’ requirements to avoid a costly re-attendance.

Automate Your Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Our technicians can turn your home into a SmartHome with Advantage Air. Using MyPlace, you can automate your air con and lights with timers, or you can control them with your phone. Other appliances like garage doors and blinds can be automated with MyPlace too.

Why Thompson Cooling Gold Coast?

Our Thompson Cooling air conditioning Gold Coast team are experienced in air conditioning installation and repairs. We have experienced teams available for both commercial air conditioning services and residential. As air con technicians, they’re also qualified electricians. We want to provide all of our customers with the very best customer service. So, we’re happy to complete electrical repairs and installs such as light switches or power points while we’re in your home for an air conditioner installation. Some Gold Coast air conditioning technicians might leave your home messy with issues like saw dust all over your floors. We always leave our work area tidy.