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MyPlace is new from Advantage Air. It means you can convert your home into a SmartHome, so it is entirely controllable from your phone or tablet. Through MyPlace you can control your air conditioner, lights, garage doors, ceiling fans, and blinds all from an app on your phone. It comes with a wireless control too which is an Android tablet, this allows you access to all MyPlace controls.


We supply and install MyPlace compatible air conditioning and lighting systems. Other appliances within your home that can be controlled by MyPlace are: ceiling fans, garage doors, blinds, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and even outdoor strip heaters. Along with most 240 volt hard-wired items. We will install the compatible systems and connect them to MyPlace to get you started. We can also work with builders to install these systems in new homes.

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Our team of technicians can retrofit your existing lighting and air conditioning systems to give your home these MyPlace, SmartHome capabilities. We will either replace existing systems with newer, better-compatible systems, or simply retrofit the existing units with the relevant equipment.


From design, supply, and installation to routine maintenance and servicing — our Thompson Cooling team have you covered. Get in touch today.

The Benefits

Converting your home into a SmartHome means you can control your air conditioning, lights, fans, garage door, all from an app on your phone. So, if you arrive home late or after dark, you can turn the lights on from your phone so you can feel safer walking to your home. On a really hot day, you can prepare the air conditioning so you will arrive home to an already-cooled home, or vice versa. If you’re worried you forgot to put your garage door down, you can just double check from your MyPlace app. You can save on your electricity bill by always having the ability to check you have turned off your lights or air conditioner.