MyAir is the air conditioning centre of MyPlace. It allows you to control your home’s air conditioning from an app on your phone or on a tablet. MyAir allows you to have up to 10 zones within your home for cooling. This means that from your app you can choose to cool two rooms, but not the lounge room, or vice versa. MyAir comes with a wireless control, this is an Android tablet which allows you access to all MyPlace controls.

You can set timers on each room and set up schedules for automatic cooling and heating. This increases safety in your systems and makes them more economical. It comes with additional energy saving features too, like changing air flow direction depending on the time of day and where the heat is naturally coming from.


We supply and install MyAir compatible air conditioning systems. Other appliances within your home that can be controlled my MyPlace are: ceiling fans, garage doors, blinds, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and even outdoor strip heaters. Along with most 240 volt hard-wired items. Our electricians will install the compatible air conditioner for you and connect it with MyPlace to get you started. We’ll work with builders to create MyPlace compatible new homes too.

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Our technicians will retrofit your existing air conditioner to ensure it’s compatible with MyAir and MyPlace. They will connect your existing air conditioning system to MyPlace to help you create your own SmartHome.

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From design, supply, and installation to routine maintenance and servicing — our Thompson Cooling team have you covered. Get in touch today.

The Benefits

Set timers on each room of your home so they don’t become too warm or too cold. You can set up schedules for your air conditioner to automatically cool or warm each room too. Motion sensors can be installed to ensure your air conditioner turns off if you’re no longer in the room. Temperature sensors can be installed so that MyAir automatically adjusts the temperature in specific rooms for you. MyAir integrates well with most major brands, so it should be able to be retrofitted in your home easily.