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Another element of MyPlace, MyLights allows you to control all of the lights inside your home from an app on your phone. MyLights are installed with LED lights to ensure they are as energy efficient and cost-effective as possible. This means this system ends up costing less than other systems in the long run. It comes with a wireless control too which is an Android tablet, this allows you access to all MyPlace controls.


We supply and install MyLights compatible, LED lighting systems. Other appliances within your home that can be integrated and controlled with MyPlace are: ceiling fans, garage doors, exhaust fans, and even outdoor strip heaters. Along with most 240 volt hard-wired items. Our technicians will install the correct and compatible lights for you and connect it with MyPlace to start creating your SmartHome. We will work with builders to create MyPlace compatible new homes too.



Our technicians will retrofit your existing lighting system to ensure it’s compatible with MyAir and MyPlace. They will connect your existing lighting system to MyPlace to help you create your own SmartHome.


From design, supply, and installation to routine maintenance and servicing — our Thompson Cooling team have you covered. Get in touch today.

The Benefits

MyLights allows you to dim lights, turn them off, and set up timers for lights in different rooms — all from your phone. You can feel safer arriving home after dark by turning your lights on before you arrive. Worried you forgot to turn off your lights? Check on the app on your phone. These MyLights systems are cheaper than other SmartHome lighting technologies and are extremely energy efficient. The app is natural and easy to use — and it allows you a central place to control your lights, air conditioning, and other electrical appliances from.