Smoke Alarm Testing, Installation & Repairs

Installations & Upgrades

As qualified electricians, our air conditioning technicians can install, upgrade, repair, and test your smoke alarms. Your smoke alarms are some of the most important safety features in your home. They provide you with valuable time should you experience a house fire. It is worth upgrading outdated smoke alarms for this reason. If you are living in an older home, your smoke alarms may be outdated or, you may not have enough smoke alarms.

According to Queensland legislation, smoke alarms should be located on each floor of your home, in all bedrooms, and in hallways that connect bedrooms to the rest of your home. If there’s no hallway between bedrooms, there should be an alarm between the bedrooms and other rooms on that floor. We install and upgrade smoke alarm systems in accordance with the relevant legislation and in all types of homes.


Indications of an issue with your smoke alarm are: constant beeping, no beeping (despite smoke) or if nothing happens when you press the test button. If you are experiencing an issue with your smoke alarm, first check for dirt, dust, or debris on the vent of the alarm. If there’s no dirt blocking the vent, and the battery doesn’t need to be replaced, contact an electrician.



While it does depend on the type of home or building, as a rule of thumb, you should have all of your smoke alarms tested once a year. Testing of a smoke alarm includes cleaning the smoke alarm’s vents, testing and or changing the battery and proving the functionality of the alarm. When in attendance our electricians will confirm that the correct number of smoke alarms are installed and that the layout and arrangement complies with Queensland legislation.

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