Safety Switches & Switchboards

Safety Switch

A safety switch is the common terminology for a Residual Current Device (RCD) — a device that quickly breaks an electrical circuit to prevent serious harm from an electric shock.

We have fully qualified electricians working alongside air conditioning technicians. Accordingly, we have the capacity to legally undertake electrical installations, repairs and upgrades whilst we are installing or repairing an air conditioner in your home or business.

Your safety switches are an essential necessity for the protection your home and occupants. In many cases they are the first line of defence in the prevention of serious injury or worse should one of electrical circuits develop a fault. All new homes must be fitted with safety switches. However, older homes may not have safety switches installed. We can install safety switches in these homes or upgrade older type circuit protection.

Switchboard Repairs

Our expert electricians can repair switchboards too. Worried that your existing switchboard may have a problem? Ask one of our electricians to take a look while they repair or install your air conditioner. We understand the importance of the switchboard in your home — it must be capable of providing personal safety and possible fire prevention. Our team are prompt and attentive when it comes to switchboard repairs.


Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboards should be checked regularly by a licensed electrician to ensure that they are protecting electrical circuits in the best possible way. They should also be checked for any signs of damage by insects and or rodents. As new electrical appliances and technology is introduced into your home it is essential that a licensed electrician confirms that the switchboard is capable of adequately handling the increased electrical loads and protection.