Commercial Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

What Is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Planned Preventative Maintenance is ongoing, scheduled servicing of your air conditioning with predetermined and detailed checks carried out and recorded. During the servicing, any ‘minor’ requirement, outside of normative servicing, is also addressed with the view of negating a costly re-attendance.

On completion of the service, all actions undertaken are recorded and made available via our digital Asset Management Program. A permanent record of all equipment detail, service actions and recommendations are provided for reference. Over time a comprehensive ‘service history’ and ‘life-cycle projection’ is established and maintained.

The Very Best Quality, Consistently

Our qualified and experienced technicians work with you to create and implement a suitable maintenance program for all of your nominated equipment. We then provide periodic visitations to check, inspect, and maintain your air conditioning systems. Our technicians prioritise air quality and the system’s hygiene in all of our procedures, using a special germicidal spray that treats filters and other areas that gather dirt or contaminants. This way, we minimise the possible transmission of viral infections via your air conditioner in your occupied space.

Commercial Preventative Maintenance

We are commercial air conditioning specialists. Our technicians are experienced in maintaining and servicing complex and large air conditioning systems. We understand the importance of an air conditioner to a commercial application. Your temperature control can be the make and break of a customer’s experience in your store or establishment. We ensure that your air conditioner is always working its best and we assist you in avoiding costly and disruptive breakdowns.