Electrical Repairs & Installations

Our Electrical Services

In addition to being air conditioning professionals, we are also an electrical contractor and employ a number of fully licensed electricians. As an accredited electrical contractor, we can undertake, test and certify electrical installations and repairs within your home or business. When attending to an air conditioning installation or repair — we are happy to install a new light switch, repair a faulty power point or install the latest circuit protection devices (RCD’s).

Light switches


Power points

Security Lighting

Smoke alarms


Safety switches (RCD's)


Our qualified electricians can install electrical items such as: light switches, fans, power points, and light fittings while they’re in your home or business. We can upgrade switchboards, safety switches, or smoke alarms. As partners with Advantage Air, we can also install the necessary technology in your home to transform it into a SmartHome.


We will perform electrical repairs too. Our team is experienced in repairing faulty switchboards, issues with smoke alarms, or outdated safety switches. We can replace or repair light switches, power points, fans, or light fittings where needed. Our technicians are happy to perform repairs while we’re out for an air conditioning installation or repair.