Electrical Repairs & Installation

Electrical Repairs and Installations for Queensland homes and businesses

That’s right! It’s not just air conditioning we’re proficient in, we’re an electrical contractor and have a team of fully licensed electricians fit for any electrical work your house or business requires. With electricity, safety is the number one priority, hence why untrained individuals should never try to do electrical work themselves.

Thompson’s Cooling is an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) certified business as per OHSAS and our electricians are all highly trained to prevent any accidents from happening. All of our technicians have CPR and LVR certifications in the case of an emergency.

Stellar Electrical Repairs

Whether you want safety switches installed in your house, you need a circuit breaker to be repaired or need other electrical work to be done you can rest easy knowing that we’ll get the job done right. We work efficiently and effectively to make sure that all of your required electrical work is done to the highest possible standard, we value our clients and want to be seen as a trustworthy professional outfit that can take care of all of your electrical needs.


Common Electrical Installations

Here is an example list of some of the common electrical installations we get asked to perform.

Ceiling fan installation - don’t be fooled by their simple design, the process of wiring a ceiling fan is difficult and requires tremendous patience, not to mention the fan is heavy!

Smoke alarm installation - No household can be considered safe without a working smoke alarm system, we install smoke alarms on all premises and in correspondence with the proper legislation

Electrical panel upgrades - if you have an older home and are planning on incorporating modern appliances, these can cause issues to the panel, we can upgrade your panel with no hassle.

Security lighting - Want to deter any potential intruders from going near your premise? We can install security lighting which will activate and detect people who get a tad bit too close to the building.

If you require any of these electrical installations or any others for your home or business, contact us today.


 Common Electrical Repairs

There are a number of different electrical problems that can be a headache to deal with and unsafe without proper training. Here are just some of the issues we can troubleshoot and repair for you.

Faulty switchboards - a faulty switchboard can prevent your appliances from working and even cause an electrical fire. We can repair switchboards to ensure your household’s safety.

Broken safety switches - safety switches are a must-have for a household as they prevent electrical shocks from occurring. If you suspect a safety switch is broken or outdated, we can replace it for you.

Loose power outlets - loose power outlets mean that the wires are exposed, which leads to the potential for electrical fires or shocks. Although they seem simple enough to fix, they require rewiring most of the time and can be unsafe, so it's best to get a professional’s assistance.

Broken light switches - It can be very inconvenient when you try to switch on a light and it won’t work, even when you replace the lightbulb, this usually has to do with the wiring. We can easily repair or replace any faulty light switches that are bothering you.

That was just a few of the common electrical problems which can plague a house or business, if you require any electrical repairs contact us.


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